Commit to Your Dream



Now there’s a word! Packs a wallop!

Some people say BUYA!  While others have already left the building!

The word commitment sends some people scurrying and I can’t say I blame them when looking at the definition:  “an agreement or pledge to do something in the future; state of being obligated or emotionally impelled.”

No one wants to be “obligated” or “emotionally impelled.”

Yet, commitment doesn’t have to be all guilt and fears.  How about this quote by Mario Andretti:

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

Without commitment, nothing would get done!

Or these from Ashbash:

“Commitment “transforms the promise into reality … it is the actions that speak louder than words … it is making time when there is none.”

People have dreams.  Do you have dreams? Some people may be afraid to speak their dreams even to themselves because they’ve been surrounded by dream-stealers beating them down all their lives.

You know the ones …  the people who ask you ‘who do you think you are?’ … they are the ones who tell you this (your dream here) will never work  … they are the complainers and naysayers who never have a good word to say … they are the ones who will be right there if you fall, not to see if you need help  …but to tell you that they knew it would happen because they are always right.

If you’ve got to run away, don’t run from commitment – run from those folks!

The only way to manifest your dream is to move away from those dream-stealers.  I heard someone say that ‘on one side are the cheerers and on the other the jeerers!’  Move away from the jeerers and protect your dream from them.

The only way your dream can ever come true is if you do something about it!  Make the decision, jump in with both feet (make a commitment) and start making it happen.

People worry about how much time and money they will lose if it doesn’t work.  So they sit on the fence.  They want to go for their dream but they hear the jeerers and they stay on the fence.

How much time and money will it have cost if you do nothing?  Time marches on with or without you.  Deadlines come and go.  People move on.  Others get the opportunity. Others get their dreams!

Some people say that folks sit on the fence because if you stay up there an refuse to make a decision, you can never be wrong.

I don’t know about that. I think you need to come down from the fence before you hurt yourself!  I think people get mesmerized with the grass being greener on the other side but as they sit there with their heads swiveling from side to side, the grass all looks green.  Because it is!

If you got up a little higher than the fence you’d see lots of different greens!

shades of gree

There are lots of opportunities that present themselves to us every single day.  It is up to us to decide to grab one of them and run with it!

It is up to us to decide that we want to go for that dream and when we do to commit to it.

A dream never just fell out of the sky for anyone.  They had to work at it and work hard!  But there work and there’s work!

There’s work where you go every day to the grind, at the time your boss tells you, to do the thing the boss tells you, so that the boss gets the credit for everything good you do and not take any credit for anything wrong the boss does!  It pays the bills but it sucks the very soul out of you.  No dreams here.

Then there’s work that you do because you love to do it, on your time, where you get the credit and have the responsibility for the decisions.  It pays as much as you are willing to let it and the more you work, the more energized you feel because you love it.  That’s the kind of work where you are committed, the kind of work that will get you your dream!

So come down off that fence and build yourself a dream!  It’s time for a commitment!



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