How to Repurpose a Blog Post?


Ah. Renovations. Remodeling. Housecleaning.  They all feel so good when they are done, right?  But the doing, the actual minutes, hours, days, weeks of tear down and re-do, I think most of can agree, those aren’t glory days!

I’m in the midst of moving blogs and redesigning websites.  It may not be as dusty as remodeling the kitchen but it still takes patience and organization and time.  Lots of time.

I have to be my own coach here and keep reminding myself that all things are accomplished little by little and to celebrate each little step along the way if I ever want to get this done!

Just like remodeling the kitchen, I’ve rediscovered some things I forgot that I had!  I found blog posts that I forgot that I had written.  Some were pretty good even!

Just like remodeling the kitchen, we knocked down a few walls and found some things right out of time capsule!  Some can be polished and restored.  Others can be tossed.

So here in the blog remodel dust, I thought I’d begin with the end in mind, and do a post on repurposing.

Repurposing simply means using something in a different way than originally intended.  Let’s say you found an old teapot in that kitchen remodel and decide to use it as a cute flower pot for some succulents.  It has a new purpose because no one will be using it to pour tea out of yet everyone can see that it was once a teapot.

Doing business online means that we need to keep in touch with people and keep out n front of them.  Just because you published a post on your blog doesn’t mean that everyone saw it!  And it doesn’t mean that everyone who saw it actually read it!

Everyone knows that a good blog can be a good way for business to engage with their customers.  Sometimes though people feel that the endless striving for new content is grueling and they just burn out trying to find new things to say.

Maybe it’s time to revisit some posts?

But you are a newbie and don’t have years of old posts to review?

That’s o.k.  Go back to your favorite post.  Go back to the one that got the most traffic, that resonated with the most people.  Reread it.  Do you have something more to say on it?  Can you do a spin-off on just one part of it?  Write another post.

Then we must remember that even though some of us like to write and read, that is not the case for everybody.  You will increase your audience if you find a way to do some of your posts as audio or video, so why not start right now?  Take that favorite post and do a little video spin-off of it.

You can take the same material and make a little podcast.  A lot of people love to listen to information while they are driving and working out or walking the dog when they just don’t have time to sit and read.

You can take the same information and do a little webinar or an online class.  For the class you can do some slides and guess what?  You can then upload the slides to Slideshare.  You’d be surprised at how much traffic will come back to you from Slideshare.

And of course for each step, you take little bits to share on Facebook and Twitter and link all back to your original post.

There you have it!  Even a newbie with one post can turn it into 5 new pieces of material.

I’m heading back to remodeling!

Have some fun with an old post and feel some rejuvenation instead of overwhelm and burnout!







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