Setting Goals, Attaining Goals


Remember that old saying “how do you eat an elephant?   One bite at a time.”

That sums up the sort of day it’s been.  Way too much going on, all at one time and all the while, the little rescue dog that is visiting with us is running round and round the island in the kitchen.  It’s almost like that game we used to play in the swimming pool where everyone would run around in a circle, the same direction causing a current.

That’s a good thing if you are on a team, everyone focused on one thing, running around in the same circle and causing the current to help all of you along.  Not so good if your team is creating a stir but you just haven’t figured out how to get into the pool yet.


Are you struggling with overwhelm?  Remember your goal.  Hold it out in front of your mind’s eye for a moment and smile.  Bask in it’s glow and let yourself feel relaxed.  It is good to remind yourself of why you wanted to do this!

You won’t attain the goal by just looking at it.  Now take a look at how to break down a path to that goal.  Break it down into smaller and smaller pieces.

Then  do one or to of the smallest steps.  You did it!  Congratulate yourself!  You took a step or two toward your goal!

Does it sound to simplistic?  But that is how all goals are met!  People who started huge corporations, people who run marathons and won Olympic games, people who went to the moon all met their goals the same way:  little steps, consistently over time.


Now it’s your turn!  Take one small step toward your goal.  And then, do a happy dance.  Congratulate yourself.

And here’s one from me — woo hoo, well done!



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