What is a Blog and Do I Need One for My Business?


So what is a Blog? And why do I need one for my business?

A blog is a shortened version of Web-Log.  A blog can be a website on it’s own or can be a page on another website.  It is typically informational and is updated regularly and frequently.  Although it IS a website, it is not static.  A blog is made to update and grow.

To get an idea of how pervasive blogs  have become, take a look at Yahoo’s main page.   “Top News”  is across the top  followed by  25 or 30 headlines down the page.  Many of these will take you to blogs!

A blog is informational but apart from that, you can find different styles and subjects, from the very personal sort of online diaries to blogs that are selling products to edublogs that are on specific subjects and any combination thereof!

Blogs are Frequently Updated

One of the main components of a blog is its changeable nature.   We’ll say you have a business site selling products.  The products don’t change on a daily basis, do they?  If you had store out on the boulevard, you wouldn’t repaint the facade every day, would you?  Of course not!  But you would restock shelves and carry new items and put up some signs and have some sales and entice people to come in.

Your blog is expected to change often.  Your blog is the place where you could share and explain things about the great products you have and then link to them.  So you would not have to update your website constantly.

Blogs are Social

The second important component of a blog is its social ability.  Blogs give information, they update frequently and they usually have a place for readers to comment.  They are interactive.  They interact with readers, and with other other bloggers and websites through links.

Blogs are Multimedia

We expect to see other media and not just text on blogs.  We expect photos, videos, audio, links to social media pages such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ etc.  More and more, blogs are less text and more multi-media, especially video.  Don’t let this scare you off if you are new to this!  This is actually good news!   Check out the post on Repurposing.

Do you need a blog for your business?

Yes!  The reason you need a blog is because you want to be found.

Change is good, if you are a search engine!  Search engines search by what is changing.  Your static site is catching some zzzzz’s out there and the search engine rolls right by!

Your blog, will grow and change all the time.  The more you post, the more pings.  The more people comment and share, the better for you!  You need to pull rank!  on Google that is!  Your blog, your interactive site will get you the ratings which in turn will bring traffic to your sales site.

Now before you run away crying that you can’t keep up with all the work you need to do already much less take on writing a blog every day, consider this:  is is advertising and promotion for your business.  Few things are more important to your business than that.

A blog need not be a long educational piece every day.  If your business is a restaurant, use the blog for your daily specials.  If your business is real estate, post a deal of the day.  You sell clothes? Post the outfit of the day.  No matter what, there is something short and informative that you can post for your customers and potential customers.



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