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Plan for success

Everyone is doing it!

Getting back to basics, that is!

There are many different reasons for wanting to get “back to basics.”

For some, this means learning to live as our forefathers lived.  Hunting, fishing, gathering looking for healthier and greener lives.  Nothing new under the sun.  Henry David Thoreau was looking for the quieter, simpler life – away from the fast times of our forefathers –  at Walden Pond.

For most, getting back to basics implies that we have gotten too concerned with complicated theories and that we should concentrate on simpler important activities.

For those just starting out marketing online, there seems to be an endless list of things to do and learn and set up and try out. This endless list of things to do is carried out in an ever decreasing [it seems] amount of time.  Managing time is the biggest hurdle and lesson and accomplishment of entrepreneurs.

The basics of any business is selling something, whether your business is selling things or services.  Without something being sold, there’s no business.

The basics of marketing online is connections.  Notice I did not say sales?  Sales would be nice but that is not the main objective of marketing – it is the objective of sales.  If both of those roles are you wearing different hats, then you need to decide how much time to a lot to each, don your hat and get busy!

Set aside some time each day for marketing.  Write a blog post.  Publish it.  Promote it on social media.

Then swap hats and go make some sales.

Yep, I said it.  I did not say stay on social media all day gassing with the peeps and hoping that by all that socialization someone will decide to buy something from your web site.

The key is in time management.  Yes, you must get online several times each day and do some promoting.  But don’t fall into the trap of checking for the latest news on FaceBook or even staring at analytics hoping they will change!

No, go back to work and makes some sales.

Also the beginner has to be continually learning.  Set aside some time each day for studying and learning some new things related to your business.  But keep in mind that there is so much out there, you could just study 20 hours per day.  Don’t get blind-sided by every new course floating by on your screen.

but this fits in so well with the time issues we’ve been looking at over the past few days that I couldn’t resist that segue!

Little steps, every day consistently and it will build.  Little by little, every day will build momentum.

It really is that simple.  Plan. Do. Repeat. (consistently)

Newbies have a different set of challenges than experienced marketers and yet, the plan is the same!  Get your head of the tangled mess that sometimes  befuddles, take a step back, simplify and start over.

For beginners, it is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of training, training and more training – especially because the internet changes and marketing on the internet changes so quickly.   People get frozen with fear that there is so much to know that they will never know enough to get started.

I am the last one to tell you not to do any training.  I sell training after all!  But train later, after you’ve taken your consistent action to build momentum for your business.

Newbies are wonder how to get started and how to build momentum.

Experienced marketers need to learn to scale up, to take what they learned and do it on a bigger scale.  But then it is easy to get paralysis by analysis!  They need to get out of the spreadsheets and get  some work done.  They have to remember no to try every possible advertising method or social media outlet.  Successful scaling is done gradually based on past successes but it’s tempting to just jump in helter-skelter and right back into overwhelm.

You see?  No matter what level, the danger of over-whelm looms!

Most beginners are jumping in to work on their dream while still working jobs and trying to live lives.  It’s a lot.  Remember, basics, simple steps is always your way out of overwhelm.  Any overwhelm!

Take a look at what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days and set up a plan for how to get there.

First what do you want to accomplish.

What would you need to do to get there?  Work back …

What would you need to do each week?

What would you need to do each day?

Is that doable?  Don’t set yourself up for failure.   If not, revise so that it is doable.

Factor in all your responsibilities and personal life!

When you have a reasonable, doable plan, set it down and get started!

Start now, if possible, to put that plan in motion.

So let’s say you have been rocking along for 2 weeks, following the plan, moving forward, feeling good and then you get knocked on our ass by a bout of flu, or a death in the family or some unexpected something that just takes you right out of the game.  Life does that sometimes.

Or what if something completely expected but big … your vacation you planned forever, or your daughter’s wedding or knees surgery?

No matter what the reason you were side-tracked,  it is good for all of our businesses to take stock, take a look at where we are, where we want to go, what to change and how to get there!

What do do?  You got it!

Get back to basics.  Follow the recipe above.  Make sure you have a plan for marketing and another for sales.  Get started and get on your way.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was originally published on 3/5/2014 and has been revamped and updated as part of the big blog move!]


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