Affiliate Marketers Add Value By Adding Bonuses [Made Easy!]

Online marketers are taught to offer value to their readers.  GIVE them something other than a sales pitch.  Affiliate marketers are told the same.  Give value.  One way to do that is by giving a great bonus.

Bonuses are the gold standard of affiliate promotions.

Everyone is in a competition to offer the most value in their bonuses.  You’ve seen them:  $2,500 in claimed value for the bonuses to sell a $97 product.

Of course, value is relative.

Are you going to just throw together a bunch of resale-rights products, tag a huge price tag on it and call it a bonus?When you are looking at products, does THAT appeal to you?

People are tired of that.

In order for bonuses to matter, they need to be unique and deliver real value.

They need to be something potential buyers don’t already have.

For this reason, it’s a very good idea to create your own bonus to go along with a major launch.

It should relate very closely to the product, perhaps supporting it or adding to it in some way.

A blogging product could benefit from a bonus on setting up WordPress for example; or maybe some great WordPress plug-ins info and links.

Or how about a one page download of helpful resources for blogging.

Don’t just include any old thing just for the sake of having a larger bonus package.

Make sure the products you include relate closely to the theme of the product itself.  And always, ALWAYS the best bonuses are connected to YOU.  These are the bonuses that they can’t get anywhere else!

In every message and post, mention that people who buy from you during the launch will also receive your Special Bonus!

Bonuses can literally change everything when it comes to selling more and  even winning affiliate contests.

But many of you are saying “I get it but WHERE do I get these bonuses and HOW are they delivered?”  and “I don’t have time to make all these bonuses and set up all these funnels!”

Today I have something very exciting to share. [affiliate links included]  A simple solution to your bonus problem!

Commission Gorilla!

There is a tool online that you can use to both create the page where you offer your bonuses and deliver them automatically. 

It’s a software-as-a-service so you don’t have to download anything or learn anything complicated.  And wait, it’s even better!!

They provide the bonuses!  So there you go – where do you get the bonuses, how are they delivered and no time to set all this up – done, done and done!

Check this out because you are going to love Commission Gorilla!

Whether you opt to simplify with something like Commission Gorilla or do it yourself, you will find that adding value by adding bonuses will boost sales, commissions and success!  Here’s to yours!

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