Newbie’s Guide to Fast Content

So … you are just getting your blog or website up and you know that you need some content and you need it fast!  The blank page is giving you the heebie-geebies and you are wondering, how am I ever going to get this done?  And what’s more, how will I ever keep up with this if I can’t even figure out what to say now?

Don’t despair!

Here are some ideas on how to jumpstart your content marketing.

First of all,  what is content?  Content isn’t just a certain type of blog post, or an article, or even text. Sometimes it’s a video, an image, a PDF file download or even an app. When you open up your mind to realize that you can provide all types of content in many forms to your audience, it gets a lot easier to get excellent content fast.

Re-purposing Content

Even though you are a newbie, you should still think about re-purposing content!  Make all your knowledge and research do double and triple duty!  Here’s what I mean …

The easiest way by far to get started is by thinking of FAQ’s, you know, those things that people ask and you answer over and over and over about your business or products.  You could answer these in your sleep.

  • Make a list of 10 of these questions.
  • Do a short video answering each one.  Make the videos friendly, fun, and easy-going.  Put those on YouTube.
  • Then transcribe what you said on the video and turn that into a blog post (or two or three depending on length.)  The blog post will not be exactly the same.  Transcribe first and then change it up for the written format.  Change the language to be a bit more formal and correct the grammar to sentences etc.  It will change as you write it out.  Flesh out some of the ideas.  Use some different examples or bullet points to clarify issues.  Add a relevant photo and post to your blog.
  • Post the photo to Pinterest.
  • Take some paragraphs and clean them up so that they can stand alone and post those to Facebook.
  • Take quotes and make short comments relevant to the topic and post to Twitter.

Look at you re-purposing like an old pro!  Look at how much content you got out into that internet world!

All these different postings are linking back to your blog post or web page.  And all that was for question #1 of your FAQ’s!  Do this for the next 9 and you are well on your way to building your online presence!

You know the material.  It’s just a matter of using it in different formats.

These ideas have all been about taking one format i.e. the initial video and breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces.  You can of course take multiple pieces and build them up into bigger pieces too but worry about that when you are no longer a newbie!

Private Label Rights [PLR]

You can buy private label rights content to use as your own.  You will need to find a good, reputable source, make sure the research is accurate,  rewrite and edit it but it can be a lot faster that doing it all on your own.  Usually you get the rights to use the materials however you like but you need to read the licensing agreement as they differ.

Hire a Writer

You can outsource and hire a writer to help create content or a transcriber to transcribe your video or a good speaker to do a voice-over on a slide presentation.  This might be out of range for total newbies but often you can get help without breaking the bank.  Try FiverrUpwork, or Freelancer for options.


You don’t always have to be the creator of the content.  You can be the source of great content.  You are the expert in your niche and you have gotten to be that expert by experience but probably also by reading lots of content by others. You know where to find the good stuff.  You can share that content with others.

Let’s be clear.  We are not plagiarizing the work of others.  Don’t go copy paste someone else’s blood, sweat and tears!  Maybe Google won’t find you immediately but Karma will!

Say you found a really great article on a topic that you know your peeps would love and find very helpful.  Write an introduction about the article and author [use title and author’s name] and a few comments on why you think it’s so great and how you think it can help your readers.  Then provide a link to the page/article.   Provide a blurb or quote that backs up what you just said in your intro and then link again to the article with “read more” or something like that.

It’s that simple.  Think of a museum.  The curator does not do the paintings.  He finds them and presents them.  He never once leads you to believe that he painted any of them.  He praises and supports the creators.  Yet you never doubt his expertise, do you?

You could put 3 or 4 articles in one post on a topic.  You could present differing views of a topic.  Let’s say I curated articles for this blog post.  I could have found 4 different articles on how well-known bloggers use curation as part of their plan to create lots of content quickly.  The focus would be on the individuals and how they use curation.

Or I could have used one article for how newbies can re-purpose their content.  Then another for how to curate content well and correctly.  And then I could finish it up a great article on productivity and idea files!  The writer and topic of each would be different but would all prove my point for me!

I would simply do an intro for the post, then an intro for each article and then wind it up with a conclusion! Curation can be a great way to get information out to your readers quickly!  There are many different types of content.

Mix it up and realize that you don’t have to do it all by yourself! Grab some curation tips here!


I think if you follow the steps above and take one blog post,  break it down into pieces and re-purpose the material so you can use different mediums and networks, you will feel more productive and organized and you will find your work levels increase.

A tool that writers often use is an idea file.  You’ve heard of writer’s block and if you haven’t experienced it before, no doubt you will.  Sometimes staring at the blank page freaks people out so badly that they can’t think of anything!  And then the anxiety just feeds on itself and it can become a horrible habit.  It becomes very difficult to work.

Remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” from here’s Johnny in The Shining?  You don’t want to let that writer’s block get to you!

You’ve got to nip that right in the bud.  The writer’s-block antedote?  And idea file!

Some people write things down on slips of paper.  Some write ideas in a journal.  Some keep them in a folder either paper or digitally.  Some use Evernote.  Whatever method which is simple and quick and works for you – use!  When see an article you like or an idea, a blog post, a photo,  something someone says, a quote or a conversation  etc. etc. Toss it in the idea file.

Next time you are blanking out, spend some time sifting through the file and see what you find.

And a word of advice here:  you can’t keep creating and producing.  Breath out.  Do it again. And again.  Don’t take a breath just keep breathing out.

Huh?  You can’t do it?  Well the same goes with creating.  If you find yourself just idea-less, have some fun simply looking through your idea folder.  Just look.  Read something.  Listen to something.  Learn something.  Breath IN.

Ideas will come back once you have nourished yourself a bit.


Last trick, use the flow to your advantage.

When you’re on a roll and everything is working and the words and ideas are flowing like magic, don’t stop!  Do several articles a one time.  It’s easier to keep going on different aspects of a topic while it is fresh in your mind than to try to do one each day.

Go with the flow!  Write some articles and stash them for later, for one of those days when you just can’t think of a word!

So you see, even for newbies, getting content fast is a possibility.

You don’t have to spend all your time slaving away at your keyboard all alone to get content for your website or blog.   You can get some help from others through outsourcing or curation.  You can get some help from your alter-ego by harnessing those flow days!  And you can get some help from your own content by repurposing!

Stash this in your idea folder and have fun creating some great content!



Patt Timlin is a marketing expert set on sharing her expertise with other online marketers to help them achieve the dream of working online. She is secretly pleased with the surge in content marketing as revenge of the English majors! Entrepreneur, blogger, guide, helper – Patt loves the online world and loves to share it!

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