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Almost as soon as the internet came into the use of the masses, and the novelty of the internet as giant encyclopedia wore off,  people started selling and buying stuff on the internet.

Of course that gave people the ability to start a business without ever leaving your house!  People had talked about that for years, but the internet made that a very possible reality for a lot of people.  People work in their own businesses at home and people work for their jobs, at home!

If you are thinking of making some extra money or all of your money working at home, what are some options?  We see a lot of ads for people working at home but how realistic are they?

So … common sense would tell you that those ads for working on a beach with a cocktail are probably not realistic.  First of all, the cocktails are not a good idea for business and secondly, the wind and the sand are tough on the computer and you need that computer for your business!

Yeah …  sitting on the hood of a fancy sports car is probably not the best idea either.  Tough on the back and a pain in the tailbone!

So even though the ads look cool and you could work from anywhere, the reality is, you will probably work from a space your call your office [whether that be in your kitchen or at Starbucks.]    In reality, you need to be serious and keep some business hours if you want to be successful and make any money.

So if you are not opposed to actually sitting down and doing some work, there are legit ways to make some money, at home, on the internet and not all are affiliate marketing!

In fact, for every idea listed below you can work from anywhere if you have a computer and internet. You don’t even need that much money to get started.  But you do need time and persistence.  And to do some work!

Here are some great ways to make money with an online business.

Create a Course – We all have knowledge which would be helpful to others.  You don’t have to be a certified teacher to teach other people what you know.  Nor do you have to be a complete geek or learn programming so set up a course.  You can simply develop a “how to” step-by-step course using a platform like, Ruzuku, Udemy to deliver the course and make some money by sharing your expertise.

Affiliate Marketing – An affiliate sells other people’s products (either physical, digital, or both) and receives a commission payment for doing so.  You can do this via a niche blog or website and a targeted email list. If you build up a big enough list, and you become the go-to source for your niche,  multiple six figures are possible.

Possible.  I said possible, not probable.  However, learning how to sell online is a skill that will serve you well.  Many people start out as affiliates so they can sell other people’s stuff while developing their own.  But not only are you making money while you develop your own product,  you are making money while you develop your own skills at sales and marketing.

Those skills will help you sell anything online or off forever!

Private Label Rights Content Creator – The internet eats content.  Bloggers and content marketers are under pressure to produce new, new, more and more stuff all the time.  They often don’t have enough time to create all their own content. If you can either write or hire someone to write for you, you can create high-quality content such as articles, blog posts, eBooks, and then sell those to others to use.

Uh-huh.  The internet is a vast deposit of words and someone need to write them!

Virtual Assistance – With more and more businesses online comes the need of every business to an assistant or secretary!  If you’re good at customer service, organizing, using certain software programs, and other administrative tasks, then you can do this from home, online, for your clients.

You’ll use the technology available to perform the tasks your clients need. You can work for one person or for many.  You can have a regular gig or work or projects or as needed.

Life, Health, or Business Coach – People love to make fun of it but the coaching business is lucrative.  Of course this isn’t as simple as hanging out your shingle and calling yourself a coach but if coaching is something you are doing offline, the internet could mean exponential growth for you!

Many coaches make multiple six figures due to the ability to group coach, using technology like to deliver coaching on a one-to-many basis. If you’re knowledgeable and like working directly with others, online coaching might be for you!

Graphic Designer –  I said earlier that internet eats words but you know what else it snarfs up?  Graphics.  If you know your way around graphic design software, then you’re in luck, because you can run a very good business online designing websites, advertising graphics, book covers, headers, and more from the comfort of your home office.

Photos – People need photos!  There are some decent sites with free photos but they get so over-used and every single blog, every single website, every business needs photos.  Business photos! There are lots of great photos out there but go try to find a good photo to go with a blog post on affiliate marketing  See there!

We need good online business photos and you could provide a great service!

Project Management – Some people are great at organizing, setting up and managing a project and others are not!   If you are good, they could use your help!  We’ve all known people who are great idea-people or visionaries who can’t figure out how to turn on their computers.  Or people who are good at lots of tasks but so scattered that nothing gets done.

If you are good at setting up systems and processes, then online business management might be for you. It’s not much different from managing any type of business; you’ll just have to figure out the technology needed to help your clients and keep them on track.

Ghostwriter – Many smart people have good ideas but not enough time to implement them all or would never have the patience to sit down and write a book.   If you’re good at writing, this is a great opportunity to use your craft to help others tell their stories.  And get paid of course!

You can find clients via The Writer’s Market (, as well as by networking in author groups, blogging groups, and other writing groups on Facebook.

There’s online retail stores or Amazon’s Fulfillment Service, drop-shipping, niche YouTube channel.  There’s consulting.  People just starting businesses online need help.  Maybe not every day but could you help with: building funnels,  finances,  accounting, technology, Facebook advertising, publishing?

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online.  I hope  these get the wheels turning for you and you think of even more.   Just remember, during the gold rush, there was a lot of money to be made in selling picks and shovels.  In fact, MORE money was made in selling picks and shovels than in panning for gold.  Think of all the ancillary services that are needed and get busy!

Whatever you decide to do to make money online, it takes investment and perseverance to make it happen – just like any other type of business.  And work … did I say work?!

What are  your online picks and shovels?

Go get ’em!



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