Making Money with Fiverr: Riserr

There are lots of different ways to make money online.  Some passive and some active!
My previous post was about this and discussed some different ideas on how to make money online, just a few weeks ago!  You can check that out Money-Making Online Business Ideas here.
The point is, that even though I love blogging and I love affiliate marketing, they are not for everyone.
Some people are doing really well at selling vintage clothes with Instagram.  Since shopping is my idea of hell,  scouring second-hand shops looking for the next best treasure would not work for me at all!
But that’s what makes the world go round, right?  We’re all different and have different and have different talents and interests.
Some people sell all sorts of services on Fiverr.  Wikipedia calls Fiverr the “world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services.”
These digital services, each called a Gig, are offered by freelance contractors.  These could include:  logos and business cards and flyers;  writing, translation, resumes, proofreading; graphic design and illustration and animation; brand videos and voice overs; content and content marketing, and website design and funnel design and funnel set-up; WordPress set up; virtual assistance and online lessons and even relationship advice!!!!
You need it?  It’s probably on Fiverr!
Gigs start at $5 [thus the name] but can go up to $1000’s with Gig Extras.
So if you are wondering how to make some money online, Fiverr could be a place for you.  But how to begin!
Today Art Flair released a new product called Riserr.  Art started out making money online through Fiverr.
He knows what people are looking for, how to set up gigs, how to upsell so that customers will buy more and most importantly how to rank your gigs on Fiverr.
And Art is willing to show all that to you, along with templates to make some easy, quick gigs using a free online tool so that you can make some money on Fiverr, starting right now.
He’s including 12 great bonuses if you hurry!  AND he is giving this information, templates and step-by-step, over-the-shoulder training for a ridiculously low price.  At least for now.  So hurry and grab your copy of Riserr here.
Will you make millions on Fiverr?  Probably not although a lot of people are doing really well.
Is it passive, where you  do it once and it pays over and over?  No.  You do the service and get paid.  It is active!   But it IS a way to get some quick jobs and make some money online, today.
But you know what else?
Did you ever have someone say something to you that is SOO simple and clear and that a light bulb goes on for you?
I had that happen one time when  I was agonizing over doing business online. Should I do this or that or that or this or that and that and this?  And a mentor said to me “you are making this WAY too complicated … just go sell something.”
Just go sell something.  Wait, what?!
And you know what?  He was right.  Because once you sell one thing, you know you can do it again.
Do I think that you’ll set up a huge scaled, job-replacing business with Fiverr?  I’d say probably not.
But you WILL learn how to simply make a product and sell it to someone who wants it.
And once you have that skill, you will find that it translates to other business ideas!
If you want to learn how to use Fiverr as a way to make some extra money, and do that well and whenever you want,  Riserr is for  you!
To your success!

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