Keeping WordPress Updated and Secure

“Mamma always said there’d be days like these …”   isn’t that what we say when life takes a turn and starts handing out some lessons?

My mamma also warned me about “closing the barn door after the horse has already gone out” too. And you know, mamma is always right.

So the other day I received an email from my hosting company [for another site I have]. Hacked.

Hacked. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!!!

And what is really frosting me? I’m sure that it was my fault. I have been berating myself for a week now saying “can you say dumb ass?” Because although I have enough knowledge and experience to avoid the problem, I didn’t.  For the sake of 2 minutes, I’ve lost a week.

I was “too busy” to take 20 seconds up update a plug-in. Sigh.

So I was smart enough to know what to do to avoid the issue but clueless as to how to fix it. Sigh and Sigh again.

So I thought I would remind you again about the importance of updates so that you don’t find yourself closing that door after the horse is already gone!

After you build your WordPress website, the best way to keep it safe and secure is to keep your website updated

Update Your WordPress Site

Your core WordPress installation, the theme, and all plugins need to be updated when the new updates come out. Inside your dashboard, you’ll receive notice that of those that need to be updated.

Keeping the latest versions of WordPress, all themes, and plugins is essential to the health of the site [and to your emotional health and well-being!]

In most cases, WordPress will now update automatically to help your site stay safe and secure – unless you set it up NOT to do that.

It is advisable to set up WordPress to update automatically. However, it is important to remember that it only updates the core WordPress code and won’t harm [or update] anything else.

You also need to update the plugins. Follow the right procedure to ensure that everything will continue to work.

1)   Back up your site
2)   Ensure your WordPress is updated
3)   Back up your site
4)   Update your theme
5)   Check that everything still works
6)   Back up your site
7)   Update plugins individually
8)   Check that everything still works

Backing Up Your WordPress Site

If things do go wrong and your site gets hacked or you decide to move or files get corrupted, you will need a backup. Make sure you backup regularly.

I’ve lost about 4 computers which crashed and died and took everything with them because I had no back-ups. I guess you could say I’m not quick learner! Don’t be like me!

You could use a plugin like BackupBuddy put out by This is the simplest way to back up your WordPress website. You’ll need to download and install BackupBuddy like you do other plugins, and then you’ll need to activate it. The cost is anywhere between $80 and $300 dollars depending on what you need.

Think about how much your site is worth to you before you balk at the price. They provide storage for your backup, support to help you if you have problems, and so much more that will give you peace of mind.

Updating Your Plugins

Each plugin that you have will eventually need updates. It’s important to to do this and keep them up to date. Inside your dashboard, after backing up the site, tick the box for the plugin that you want to update and then click update. Check your site to ensure everything works.

Keeping WordPress updated and secure is an essential part of having a good website or blog. You don’t want to do all that work and then lose everything by not keeping your site updated and secure.

So I am now paying a Godsend to fix my site which has been pulled down due to malware. I know I will survive. Someone pointed out that it’s almost a rite of passage as an online marketers – my first hack.

So I’m all grown up now. And won’t make that mistake again!

I hope you don’t either. Update. Back-up. Update. Back-up!




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