Storytelling for Affiliate Marketers

Storytelling works in Business.  We aren’t talking about Dr. Seuss and bedtime stories [although Oh! The Places You Will Go! has a good ring to it!]

No, we’re talking about storytelling as a strong marketing tool.  Storytelling can help you connect with your customers.  Small business marketers use this all the time.

But what about you, as an affiliate?  Can you use this strong marketing tool in your business?

Yes!  You can AND you should!

Here’s why.

It’s genetic.  People are social.  We are hardwired to tell and listen to stories.  People have been doing it since our cave-men ancestors sat around a fire, chewing the fat.  It’s how we learned and passed on knowledge so that each new human didn’t have to reinvent fire or the wheel.  Good thing, too or we’d still be sitting around a cold cave wondering how that one lucky son-of-a-gun figured out how to roast some meat!

It’s how we connected and worked together.  It’s how we progressed.

It’s soooo human!

A good marketing story will make a connection with people.  That connection will help your business and increase sales of any product or service you are selling.

Because ultimately people buy you.

IF they connect to you.

IF your story connects to them!

So what kind of story  would an affiliate have to tell?

Let’s begin with the structure. Every story has a structure: a beginning, middle and end.

For marketing, think of … before, then actions taken, and after.

This structure is powerful for illustrating exactly how useful your product was to you and others, and therefore will be to your customers should they try it.

As a marketer, you have done your research and you are offering products which you know will speak to the needs of your target audience and solve their pressing problem.

The problem is the “before” part of the story.  What was the struggle for you [is the struggle for them?]

What solutions did you try?

What happened when you tried this product?  How was this different and what results can they expect?

And what was the outcome?  We all love a happy ending – how are they going to live happily ever after as a result of this product?

The best thing is that you are helping people to imagine a life free from whatever that challenge was and you doing it without any hype or hard sell.

So be sure to tell your story and how this product worked for you.

And remember, people love action stories!

I don’t mean action like Tom Cruise jumping out of planes and buildings and bridges and mountainsides. Affiliate marketing isn’t all that exciting!

But what action did you have to take in order to get a result?  And did you get the result you wanted?

Even heroes sometimes find some unintended consequences and have to find another way to conquer.  What did you learn?  And how did you come out the other side, older and wiser?  That’s what people want to know.

Did you try several products until you found this one which worked? Let them know because you probably have potential customers who have tried several products without finding a solution and your story can be inspiration as well as helpful.

Finally here’s another really important story that is crucial for business and is something you need to be using as an affiliate:  customer’s stories. Testimonials.

Tell how useful the product was to you.  But don’t forget how useful it was to customers who already tried it!  Customer testimonials or reviews are shared stories!

Customer stories are extremely powerful.  People feel a kinship to the other customers.  Since they relate to the customers they trust what the custpmers say and are more likely to believe their stories. 

Studies on social media have shown that people are far more likely to accept the word of a relative stranger in their network compared to marketing material produced by a company.  Similarly they are more likely to believe what is read on a blog than in news media.

Who do you know who does NOT check out Yelp! and TripAdvisor and similar sites before they try a business.  Those ‘stories’ are powerful enough to drive business or kill it!

Simply put, stories sell.

As an affiliate, be sure to tell your story and to ask for reviews and testimonials from customers to share. Soon you should see a change for the better in your marketing results!


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