Spot4connections Blog is a safe place for newbies, beginners to online marketing.

Let’s face it, it is hard to start something new. Being a beginner, looking out over all that you have to learn and do is overwhelming. You have many questions and questions you don’t know how to ask and questions you don’t even know you have!

Online marketing has it’s own language and I remember listening to a webinar one night and was amazed that we were all speaking English and yet, the speaker was not speaking to me!

I hope Spot4connectionsBlog will be the place where beginners feel they can come and get some of those questions answered and find encouragement to continue with their dreams on days when it seems just too hard!

For in-depth learning for all levels, check out Hubspot.

For inspiration about what blogging / content marketing can do for your business, how a beginner found success and a new life’s work check out Marcus Sheridan and his extensive website The Sales Lion.

Wishing you well and hope you’ll come back often!